SAFT How big was the walk-in closet in Frank Gehry's house when you locked yourself inside to do the interview?

FR Who knows? It was normal…

SAFT What is ‘normal’ for a walk-in closet?

FR Well, it is 60 depth, plus at least another 60 to stand in front of it. If you have a double one, another 60 more.

SAFT But were there clothes inside?

FR You bet!

SAFT So, you were surrounded by clothes! Haven't you locked yourself inside, though?

FR No, it was enough to be in there. The clothes muffled all the noises. A perfect place: it is an anechoic room!

SAFT Did they scent?

FR No.


The full interview with Franco Raggi will be available soon.

From the series SAFT asks daddies!