SAFTGlobal Tools’, why should these tools be global?

Franco Raggi Globality is because there were no borders. Tools is for ‘utensils’. A tool is an object designed with a precise purpose. Usually, it excludes any aesthetic, formal and style question, what makes a tool is a tool, and therefore the ethics behind them is much more rigorous than arbitrary. Moreover, behind the name ‘Global Tools’ there is a whole research that is, how to say, heterodox with respect to functionalism, and even more with respect to the conventionality of the relation form/function of ‘good design’. The primary, primordial anthropological component was missing at the time, so it was an attempt to return to the roots.

We are tools ourselves. We use our hands, and our body is the most beautiful tool that we have: it allows us to transform things. Using our hands on materials found around is a therapeutic reset.


The full interview with Franco Raggi will be available soon.

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