[Milan, 8th October 2018 at Franco Raggi’s office]


SAFT Is there any lingering question you do not come up with an answer to?

Franco Raggi

SAFT I can give you examples, if you like.

FR Ok.

SAFT Well, right now I am wondering what does it mean for a whale to reach the surface.

I have just seen pictures of a whale splashing on the surface. It was mentioned that some scholars believe that whales play. Then I thought: a whale is an animal that lives alone, so big, it can dive to great depths, it can remain submerged under water as long as it wants…

FR Erm…

SAFT Well, but for a long time, nevertheless!

A whale can swim for many kilometres and it lives in an immense space. But then, at a certain point it goes up, and all this space just ends!

Do you sometimes ask yourself questions like this?

FR There is no answer, though.

SAFT Who knows, maybe there isn’t a right answer. There might be, or perhaps instead of an answer, an idea comes.

And you?

FR Not that I can think of. I do not want to tell you something that is not true. Maybe later it comes to my mind.

SAFT No problem!


[16th October 2018, via e-mail at 12:09 p.m.]


FR I have the answer to the RQWR (Recurring Question Without Response).

I often wonder: ‘Where do the caps of the ballpoint pens end up?’ Almost half of the ones I have at home are without. There must be a ‘cemetery of caps’ or a hidden place where they meet, finally free not to cap those stupid pens.

The full interview with Franco Raggi will be available soon.

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