Malerfürsten, Prince of Painters.

Frau und Hund, magazine.

‘The idea of founding a small magazine came from Lüpertz, who had the money to finance such a project in order to render it really independent, even from publishers. The point of departure was his dissatisfaction with art criticism. He gave a lecture on the misery of criticism, for which he was even insulted, gave another lecture in which he praised the criticism for the same reasons he had reproached them, and so on: basically some sort of pure private-dadaism This was the birth of this magazine: at the beginning there was talk about ‘transversal thinking’, but I intervened, since I find that an impossible concept and somehow one came up with ‘cursive thinking’, that is, weird thinking, but somewhere in the sense of ‘cursory’, you can read through this booklet, or even just scroll through. And the main title, Woman and Dog, sounds Lüpertz’s passion for hunting, ‘Hunt and Dog’. When I ask friends: How does that sound, the strangest associations are made. Women are often irritated, but find it charming too. Some consider it pure feminism, others the opposite!’

Durs Grünbein