Topic of this issue of SAFT is resources or better the ability to see a potential resource, something useful, in everything that exists. With the right attitude a derelict ocean liner, tidal currents, historic gardens, migrant plants or the avocados present in a garden are all materials for design. They can be turned into resources with which to give rise to productive processes, which improve the world and quality of life.

The stories in this issue are about invisible relations and control pattern. They are about skills and abilities as much as about the transformative potential of a genius invention. All it takes is quite often a court circuit that is able to relate two apparently distinct facts and gives rise to an architecture of the trim tab, which is able to shift the world by creating a sort of under pressure in a place.
© Sergio Rodriguez
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  • Resources
  • Measuring
  • And Now... The News
  • Mentors
  • Barcelona !
  • Wait for me at the Lagoon
  • Algae & Sun
  • One Million Trees
  • A Silent Path
  • Alcázar
  • Everything starts with an Avocado

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